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Ancillary Equipment and Products for
the Thin Joint System


Tackburn Limited is a well established company manufacturing and supplying ancillary items for the Thin Joint Building System. Our aim is to hold all standard items required for the system, in stock, for next day delivery. Our products range from wall ties to bed-joint reinforcement we supply just about everything to do with the thin joint system except blocks and mortar. Our customers include major national builders to self-build projects. We offer a friendly, personal service and no order is too big or too small, so give us a call, we will be glad to help wherever and whenever possible.


What is the Thin Joint System?

The Thin Joint System has been used in Continental Europe for the last thirty years and is now being used regularly in this country. The system utilises a pre-mixed, cement based mortar, which only requires the correct amount of water added to become an easily applied mortar. Instead of using the traditional sand and cement mixer, a hand held paddle mixer is used, which ensures that the correct consistency is achieved.
As the system name implies, with the use of this type of mortar or adhesive and the production of close tolerance aircrete blocks a thin mortar joint is achievable. Traditionally a sand / cement joint is 10 /12mm but this mortar allows the joint to be reduced to 3mm or less. Another advantage is the setting time. Using this type of mortar the joint is normally stable within 30 minutes and set within two hours. This means that you are not restricted on the number of courses laid in a day and once the shell is built and the roof sealed, internal work can begin in a weather proof environment leaving the outer skin of brickwork, if required, to be built when convenient and less dependent on the weather. Other benefits include improved construction quality, a cleaner site and less waste.
The mortar is applied using a notched scoop or sledge, both of which are manufactured by Tackburn Limited. We also offer a full range of hand tools, power tools, thin joint wall ties, fixings and bed joint reinforcement to compliment the system.

The wall ties manufactured by Tackburn can also be used with the Porotherm clay block system which incorporates a 1mm thick mortar joint.

Thin joint blockwork wall ties

Mortar Scoops

Celcon Thin Joint Mortar Scoops

Thin Joint Mortar Sledges

Tackburn Sledges

Mortar being applied using a Tackburn sledge ensuring the correct thickness of mortar is attained throughout the whole build project.

Thin joint block laying using tackburn scoop

Bed Joint Reinforcement

Bed joint reinforcement
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