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Manufacturer and supplier of hardware products for thin joint building projects

Tack-ties Stainless Steel Wall Tie, Abutment ties, Expansion / Movement Joint Ties

Twist Ties & Twist Tie Setting Tools

Power Wire Tie c/w TPN Anchor Nails

Insulation Discs

Mortar Scoops

Mortar Sledges

Bed Joint Reinforcement - Galvanised or Stainless

Plastic Fixings for Aerated Concrete

Electric Mortar Mixers

Mixer Paddles

Alligator Saws

Block Saws

Square Guides

Plastic Wedge Packers

Crack Control Masonary Reinforcement - Galvanised or stainless steel

Dramix Steel Wire Fibre - Concrete Reinforcement

Sanding Boards

Block Rasps

Joint Cutting Tools

Hand Tools

Power Tools

Adhesives and Sealents

Remedial Wall Ties and Crack Stitching

Screws and Fixings

Helical Batten Fixings for Warm Roof Insulation

Movement Control Mesh

Wall Starter Kits

Please contact us if you require any further assistance either by telephone on:
01527 68559 or 07866 984313 or via the contact page.


mortar mixers
Block Rasps, Sanding Boards
Twist ties

wall starter kit
Mortar Scoops

Abutment ties
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