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Roof Batten Fixings

Warm Roof Batten Fixings.
These fixings can be driven through soft wood and into aerated concrete. Manufactured in stainless steel they can be supplied in a range of lengths from 100mm to 160mm.


Timber Frame Ties
to suit 50mm, 75mm and 100mm cavities.
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Xella Big Block System Wall Ties.


Tackburn Limited can now offer a range of products for the Xella big block system. This system utilises large format calcium silicate blocks and these products are made specifically for the big block system.

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xella wall ties
TMJ-200 Movement Tie

Xella Technical Data

Requires Acrobat Reader which you can
download from image below.

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Twist Ties

Insulation retaining discs
Hammer home twist ties.
Tackburn Power Tie

Tackburn Power Tie. These are a two part tie. The nylon nail is driven into the aerated concrete and the stainless steel wire tie is hooked into the nail. For cavities up to 100mm.
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