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Roof Batten Fixings

Warm Roof Batten Fixings.
These fixings can be driven through soft wood and into aerated concrete. Manufactured in stainless steel they can be supplied in a range of lengths from 100mm to 160mm.


Timber Frame Ties
to suit 50mm, 75mm and 100mm cavities.
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Thin Joint Wall Ties.


Tack-tie thin joint wall ties and movement ties.

Made from stainless steel these wall and movement ties have been designed for use with the Thin Joint System. Thin Joint Wall ties are available for cavities up to 200mm.

Tackburn can also supply a full range of wall ties and steelwork for traditional build applications. Please call for a quote.

  L-200 Abutment Wall Tie
For connecting perimeter walls to dividing walls. Can also be used for fixing back to steelwork and as a starter wall tie. Requires a fixing.
Manufactured in 0.6 and 1.5 mm thick material and various lengths.
L-200 Abutment Tie
JJPW Connector Tie
  JJPW Connector wall Ties
For connecting perimeter walls to dividing walls providing course levels are the same height.
Can be manufactured in lengths to suit application.
  JJ-range Cavity Wall Ties
For use when two skins of thin joint blockwork are being built at the same time and the course heights are the same.
This product range now covers cavity widths from 50mm up to 200mm.
thin joint cavity wall ties
  TMJ-200 thin joint movement ties   TMJ-200 Movement wall Tie
Movement Tie for use in Vertical Movement Joints. The tie is mortared into the joint, (no need for a slip joint). The excess material in the loop allows for expansion and contraction
  SMJ-200 Movement wall ties
Movement Tie for fixing back to steelwork, existing masonry, wind posts etc. The tie is mortared into the joint, (no need for a slip joint) and fixed back to the steelwork etc. The excess material in the loop allows for expansion and contraction.
SMJ-200 thin joint movement tie

TPW-75/100 Party Wall Ties
For Party Cavity Walls.
Suitable for 75mm and 100mm cavities.

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Twist Ties

Twist Ties Can be driven into aerated concrete to match joint levels of outer wall. Manufactured in stainless steel. For cavities up to 150mm. More Info

Insulation retaining discs
    Insulation Retaining Discs Can be supplied to fit all of the wall ties.

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